Joe Haden unveils Browns uniform

Posted Apr 3, 2012

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Browns defensive back Joe Haden was the team's representative at the Nike Uniform Unveil Tuesday morning at Steiner Studios.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. -- Change can be a good thing and that is exactly what Joe Haden saw when he walked into Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, N.Y. on Tuesday morning.

Haden, a third-year defensive back, served as the Browns’ representative for the Nike NFL Uniform Launch, along with players from each of the other 31 teams in the league. Nike unveiled its new designs and innovations for the uniforms that will be worn this fall.

“I like them a whole lot,” Haden said. “I like the way they didn’t really change our look up too much. They just changed the way it fits, the way it feels on us and the thing I like about it most, besides the fit and the feel of it, is we have brown cleats now. Normally, we had black with the orange, but Nike brought out the brown cleats and then, they got us brown gloves also.”

The new uniform remained the same in terms of color scheme, with the familiar brown jersey, white numbers, “Browns” stitched into the chest, and orange and white pattern on the sleeves. Haden wore white pants with the brown jersey, as well as brown gloves with the helmet printed on the palms. The two gloves make a complete logo when a player puts his hands in a diamond shape.

Although the look did not change, Haden said the design of the jerseys for the 2012 season was “definitely” better than those he wore in his first two NFL seasons.

“They feel better and the other thing about it is, these are like the jerseys I used to wear in Florida,” Haden said. “They don’t hold sweat in and they have a whole lot more holes in them so they keep you a whole lot cooler.”

He added, “Look, be cool and just the way it fits on you, being able to lift your arms without holding you down on the sides. They have a whole lot of stretch material to it, so it helps you out.”

Although he was an All-American at the University of Florida, a top ten draft pick in 2010 and a developing shutdown corner, Haden was flattered by the opportunity to represent the Browns at the unveiling.

“It feels amazing because there are 32 teams and then, they pick one player from each team,” Haden said. “It was an honor for me to be able to come out here and just being able to hang out with the other players. That’s one of the biggest things. It’s great for the jersey and everything, but just to be able to be back there, chill with the people, talk to them, hang out with them, people that you don’t really get to see all the time because you might be in a different conference, I took it in and realized everybody is a cool person.”

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